Your ride is on us. - Frais Spa @ The O Hotel | Voted as The Best Spa in Downtown LA
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Your ride is on us.


Book your spa day online and receive up to $10 in Uber codes to/from Frais Spa.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Book your appointment by calling 213-784-8194 or toll-free 844-LA-FRAIS
2. You will receive an email to confirm your appointment and another email with your Uber code(s).  Your Uber code(s) each have a $5 maximum. Uber codes can only be used on the same time period as your visit to Frais Spa.

3. Enjoy your ride!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call 213-784-8194.

Bonjour! Pre-pay your next spa day, receive a $10 Uber code to/from Frais Spa.

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