Petal Drop Art Piece - Frais Spa @ The O Hotel | Voted as The Best Spa in Downtown LA
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Petal Drop Art Piece

Petal Drop Art Piece

Imagine more than 7,000 flower petals slowly raining down on a little alleyway in Downtown LA.
A great juxtaposition of organic material with an industrial era locale.  This creative art piece is just the next work displayed by the artists that gave L.A.a teahouse in Griffith Park last summer.

The piece, titled “Petal Drop LA (01),” will be taking place all day on Saturday February 6th, 2016.  You will find it on Broadway which is itself having its own blooming period in Downtown L.A..  The alleyway is between the Arcade and Cameo Theaters, both constructed more than one hundred years ago.



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