Meet our Connected Team – Frais Spa
Meet our team of wellness practitioners, estheticians, and massage therapists.
Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Rehab, neck pain, low back pain
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FRAIS SPA’s multidisciplinary team is composed of qualified professionals and proactive practitioners, working together as never before with connected devices to monitor client and patient’s data and improve their level of knowledge through advanced, innovative methods.   

Dr. Tyler Suh

A native of Kansas City, MO, I find myself growing more attached to the Pacific Southwest every day. I stay physically active by weight lifting in the fitness center and playing tennis in the sunny California weather. I chose University of Western States for my Doctor of Chiropractic degree for its evidence-informed curriculum. I continue to learn all that I can about the science of human body while strive to remain rooted to nature. Thus, I am continuing my education of alternative medicine at South Baylo University for MSAOM degree. I believe finding the source of pain is the solution to better health. The source of pain can come from imbalances happening in our body, that is, biostructural, biochemical, and emotional imbalances that affects our body. My treatment is unique in a way that I work with patients to identify theses imbalances in them in order to get to the root of the problem. Therefore, the adjustments last longer in the body.

Jake Han
Rehabbilitation Therapist / Physical Trainer6>

I always thank God for giving me a caring, diligent and passionate mind and heart to care for other people's health. I love what I do most when I see my clients self-esteem increase through their hard work and effort. My goal is not just to make you feel or look better, but to make you healthier, stronger and younger. With over 15 years of experience in rehab and physical therapy at different hospitals, I've achieved how to give therapeutic massages to help people not only heal from the pain but get rehabilitated by adjusting unrealized bad postures and daily habits.
- Saint Vincent Medical Center of LA
- Wiltern Medical Center of LA
- California State University of LA
- South Baylor University of LA
- Ham's Healing Massage Therapy School in LA
- Star Sports Clinic in LA

Shabnam Pourhassani L. Ac.

Ms. Pourhassani integrates the best medical practices from the “East” and “West” into her practice. She tailors her therapies individually based on western diagnosis, using scientifically researched acupuncture protocols as well as traditional acupuncture techniques (Chinese, Japanese & Auricular) to provide the best care for each patient. She treats complex infertility conditions, offers acupuncture during pregnancy for pregnancy related problems, as well as post-partum issues. An expert in treating minor & complex orthopedic and spinal conditions, as well as post-operative rehabilitation. She is on staff and provides acupuncture at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, treating a wide range of pain & health conditions. For more info:

Massage Therapist / Esthetician6>

I have dedicated my professional life to the satisfaction of spa clients. I acquired my massage training from California Healing Arts, and I am certificated by the California Massage Therapy Council. I combine my mastery of different massage techniques with pressure ranges from soft, to medium, to deep. I can provide a therapeutic healing session that makes minutes seem like hours of restful therapy.

Massage Therapist / Esthetician6>

My dedication and skill as Korean style skin care for many years of experience will provide you a best cared facial that meets individuals needs. My job makes me feel highly responsible in providing detoxing care from the drainage to the outer skin appearance to make you feel beautiful inside out. My technique is powerful for both facial and massage. Special Acu-point meridian techniques will make your face line lift, smaller, tighter and beautified. I can assure you an experience of deepest tissue massage ever.

Massage Therapist6>

I excel in creating a massage session individualized to each client/patient. Depending on your needs, I may incorporate many techniques from therapeutic muscle point therapy, relaxing long flowing strokes, tappoment (percussive) techniques, therapeutic massage stretching, as well as abdominal massage which may aid in circulation and digestion. My formal education included the comprehensive 900 hour massage training program from the National Holistic Institute.


My goal as an Esthetician is to provide a healthy organic treatment per clients' skin condition and lifestyle. Ensuring to provide a healing intention based massage and facial muscle work out as well as to improve the overall condition of the clients' skin through an effective lymphathic drainage technique based treatment with over 20 years of experience from Korea.

Massage Therapist 6>

As an LMT, Certified Health Coach, former kickboxing instructor and dancer, I have a strong background in the fitness and wellness industry. I have been using the power of massage therapy to enhance the wellness of others for the last 10 years. I specialize in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Reflexology and Trigger point therapy. I have passion for helping individuals live, work and train at their best and has used my knowledge and skills in massage to assist clients to live a balanced lifestyle through healing and relaxation. I believe balance is key and a peaceful mind is a peaceful life.

Massage Therapist 6>

I specialize in neck, shoulder and low back pain. I am a former team doctor of celebrities including comedian, singer, actor, celebrity conditioning specialist. The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.


I have a lifelong passion for the world of beauty. With my training at The Academy for Salon Professionals and completion of over 600 hours of study, my specialities include Brazilian waxing, anti-aging and deep cleansing facials. I am also certified in facials for recovering clients undergoing delicate treatments. I am also committed to the total satisfaction of my clients, and instill in them a confidence of feeling naturally beautiful in their own skin without makeup. I pride myself on sharing my energy with my clients, and providing education on the latest tips and products that I personally have tested.

Massage Therapist6>

I want to inspire others...with my long experience of working as therapist specializing in facial and body massages. I hope my passion for my craft encourages people to follow their dreams, reach their goals... Don't let anyone tell you, you can't just because they couldn't. Do what you love, dream big and make it all happen!

Massage Therapist6>

I studied Western and Eastern massage at the National Holistic Institute and received additional training in acupressure at IPSB at Life Energy Institute. As a former professional violinist, I especially enjoy working with musicians and athletes to unblock stagnation and help them perform at their best. At Frais Spa, I specialize in Swedish/Deep Tissue combined with elements of acupressure.

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