Antonio Fernandez D.C. & Frais Spa profiled in VoyageLA
Dr. Fernandez, a DTLA local chiropractor was recently profiled in VoyageLA's online magazine. Frais Spa offers chiropractic & massage in a spa setting.
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Dr. Fernandez – Frais Spa Chiropractor & Frais Spa Massage profiled

Dr. Fernandez – Frais Spa Chiropractor & Frais Spa Massage profiled


LA’s Inspiring Stories: Antonio Fernandez D.C. and Frais Spa

VoyageLA recently interviewed Dr. Fernandez and how wellness has entered the spa industry.  Frais Spa is becoming a leader in how wellness is delivered to its patients as a way to extend a high-value spa experience to affordable wellness care.


The following is an excerpt from Dr. Fernandez’s interview in VoyageLA Magazine:

Antonio, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Coming from a wellness practitioner background, I found that many of my patients lose sight of taking care of the most important person in their life, them. Ultimately when they learn to take care of themselves they can better take care of their loved ones and their work.

FRAIS SPA is the first connected spa who educates its clients and helps them progress to improve their quality of life. Mixing an authentic spa-care experience and therapeutic expertise, it provides a complete health benefit, managed by a multidisciplinary and Connected Team. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, FRAIS SPA is a living place that generates a true connection with its community, its professionals and teaches how to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Frais Spa at The O Hotel story. Tell us more about the business.

We began Frais Spa as a way to extend a high-value spa experience to affordable wellness care. From the moment one enters Frais Spa, one will find how the aesthetic interior design will welcome them into a warm inviting clean atmosphere.

We are very proud to offer wellness care in a spa setting at Frais Spa. This allows our clients to obtain quality chiropractic and acupuncture healthcare while they appreciate the time they spend at Frais Spa. As healthcare providers, our practitioners offer direct patient reimbursement for their services from their health insurance company, Flex-Spending Account, or Health Savings Account.

What sets us apart from others is how we build continuing relationships with our patient clients. Our patient clients become not only repeat clients but also a beacon telling their friends and family about us.

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