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Hot Stone Massage Therapy to Ease Muscle Tension

Hot Stone Massage Therapy to Ease Muscle Tension

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Explained

Hot Stone Therapy is a service add-on enhances the release of tight muscular tension. We utilize temperature-controlled polished stones placed along specific chakra points, or energy points, along your spine.

This extra service can be performed by your experienced massage therapist to ease muscle tension away as well as ease muscle stiffness.  The temperature controlled stones will increase muscular circulation and metabolism.  You can add this service to any massage session from sixty to 120 minute sessionss.  The hot stone massage therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the use of smooth, water-heated stones at key muscular points on your body.  Our certified massage therapists incorporate this hot stone technique to your customized hands-on massage session.  Adding the hot stone therapy to your massage session will complement your therapist’s hands-on massage techniques.

The application of hot stones can help provide muscular pain relief through several mechanisms:

  • Heat therapy triggers the dilation of blood vessels of the muscles.  This process will increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Through what is called the “C Channel Pain Concept” the hot stones will stimulate the sensory receptors in the skin.  This means they heat sensation will decrease the pain signals going to the brain.
  • The heat therapy will allow easier stretching of the muscular tissue during the massage. There will be an increase in flexibility and overall feeling of comfort. Flexibility is very important for a healthy body.

During your hot stone massage therapy session, you might fall asleep or enter a deep meditative state.  This is common response to this type of healing session. It can indicate different factors.  Many people might not be getting enough productive rest.  The act of lying down could trigger a state of deep relaxation.  Along with the sensation of the penetrating warmth of the stones, the body will be triggered to go to a restorative state.  This state will allow the parasympathetic nervous system to go from a ‘fight or flight mode’ into a ‘rest and digest mode’.



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